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Grand Wizard 1 year ago
This guy secretly videos himself having sex with his wife and then puts a fantasy story to it ... as if he is banging his boss's wife ... what a loser with a tiny dick.
Grand Wizard 1 year ago
I love it how this guy thinks his dick is big and that she is some prize. Talk about delusional.
Jimmy 1 year ago
Hey littledick, why not just tell me where you are and I'll come put your tiny dick to shame and her and I can cuckold you ... sounds good, right? You know you are compensating by making these "secret" videos .... let a real man in there. I promise I won't TRY to steal that nasty ass from you.
BRUH 1 year ago
We all know this is a fucking hooker and she's not even hot
1 year ago
This guy is a terrible fuck. They both are really.
Joe B 1 year ago
Man, if your boss lives in a dump like that, I'd hate to see the crap hole you have to go home to. Psst ... one more thing, if it was so easy for you to get in that, I'm sure you aren't the only dick filling that pussy and mouth with cum .... think about all of those creepy crawlies that are all over your dick when you pull it out of that highway of a pussy.
Jimmy 1 year ago
Dude, try and get a grip and look at other videos ... your dick is pretty small. You'd have a hard time satisfying a hampster with that little pecker. Please re-join us in reality, your dick is below average, accept it, dumbass. My dick is average and I KNOW it will put yours to shame. She'd probably start banging me if she saw it and make up excuses to get rid of you. Sorry to tell you the truth, but the boss' wife would probably want something better, since she is cheating already.
Jimmy 1 year ago
Hey, when can we expect another shitty video? Its August of 2021 ... c'mon ... don't puss out now .... you should work on your audio and your crappy special effects because both suck.
Fake 1 year ago
Super fake
Joe B 1 year ago
If that's all it took for you to start hitting it, I'm sure she'll be interested in my dick too. Probably is already banging your other co-workers and any other dick that comes down the road. Women like that obviously have no morals or sense of monogamy... you think it is funny, but I'll bet the joke is on you as she plays you just like her hubby. If all the dicks that went in her lately came out of her, she'd be a porcupine.