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Jacksoffalot 2 years ago
What a fucking bitch! I’d kick her in the cunt & get the fuck out of there.
Jenna 5 months ago
Oh wow. All that sperm. Jesus what a load of buildup. Did he just get out of prison or something? Maybe the war? I mean a man’s balls can only take so much pressure. They can literally burst from too much sperm being backed up. Omg. Can you imagine the pain?
Janet 5 months ago
Omfg. And I thought my man pumped huge loads between my tits.

That’s the kind of load a guy in prison would pump from doing years with no release. Lmfao.

God know I’m turned on thinking about those guys doing hard time. Imagine how bad that would suck knowing you’ll never get to feel the pleasure of women again? Jesus fuck
Greg 5 months ago
Man what I’d give to bust a nut between those.
Nigga 3 years ago
Something for the Fake compilation huh
Kenneth 5 months ago
Man it would feel so good between this cunts tits.
Diana 5 months ago
Actually loads like this are not uncommon. My hubby has a super high stress job and he rarely get to release because he works so much.

When he finally does he explodes just like this guy. One time he came so much in my mouth while fucking my tits that I just couldn’t keep up with that much sperm. I ended up running to the the toilet and threw up like crazy.
Sean Douglas 5 months ago
Damn I can’t wait to fuck my wifes tits tonight. I’m going to think about this whore the whole time im blowing jizz between them. Fuck she’s gorgeous. Same size tits as the wife’s too
Me- 1 year ago
I would let her do anything she wants to me. Redhead with lovely tits, my kind of girl!
Cjizzle 2 years ago
Bitch can’t even get a hard on haha